Which games?

So I got my R9 280x with 3 free games but I can't choose. Thing is that I don't particularly enjoy single player games unless they have more than like, 15 hours of playtime :) 





I would go for Deus Ex: HR, Just Cause 2, and Hitman Absolution

Murdered Soul Suspect

Tomb Raider

Sniper Elite V3

I recommend these.

I personally managed to complete Tomb Raider in a few hours so wouldn't recommend that based on your want of a longer game.

Would probably say

Just Cause 2(multiplayer mod for mayhem)

Deus Ex HR, Hitman Absolution are both decent length games, around 15-20hours to complete first time, that I'd recommend.




Firstly there is an easy way of telling: http://www.howlongtobeat.com/

That site will tell you the average times.

My recommendations:

Darksiders 1 or 2. They are time consuming games but are amazing. Darksiders 1 took me 12 hours on first playthrough and 25 on my everything-completed run. Darksiders 2 took 30 hours. It has a heavy Zelda feel to it (albiet much darker feel), and has some really cool puzzles. I liked the first one better than the second, but to each his own.

Deus Ex Human Revolution is a long but rewarding game. It's RPG styled, but the body augmentations is what I found the most fun. It makes you feel like a badass whichever style you choose.

Tomb Raider / Sleeping Dogs. If you want better story go for Tomb Raider. If you want a longer game go for Sleeping Dogs. Both their visuals are great and their mechanics are both unique and interesting. 

you could wait for The Witcher 3 to be added to the list of games, and then pick that when it comes out.

Isn't that gonna be in February next year? Hopefully it'll be valid by then.

Tough choices. But since you can only go with 3 I'd recommend these:

Deus Ex: HR, Just Cause 2 and Darksiders 2.

All of these games delivered far, far more than I had hoped for. You won't regret getting any of these. And they're all long games.