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Which free Backup Solution do you recommend?


Ok, after having probably reinstalled my PC around 10 times in the past 30 days, i’m now back to a setup i feel comfortable with. I’m now back to running Windows 10 LTSC and have only what i need installed. Since i plan on running this for a while, i’d like to set up a backup again.
Some time back i had Veeam Endpoint on my PC, which does what i need and nothing more. Since it’s been some time though, i thought i’d ask if there is anything better out there by now.

I’d need something that allows Drive level selection (folder exclusion is not needed, but i’d take it), Full-Incremental Backups to keep storage needed to a minimum, Browsable Backups with the ability to restore either individual files or my whole PC. Backup Targets can be local disk or SMB Shares. Ideally, all of this free and in a no nonsense Interface.

I don’t need fine controll over what to backup or when to do it. Just a once per day Backup i can restore files and my PC from. Also offsite backup and cloud sync or such is all not needed in my case. It would be great if it had an option to handle Backups when the PC was off. So either do them later, or do a backup before shutdown or such.
What do you recommend?



Windows 10 includes a pretty good backup solution. Settings > updates and security > backup



That’s the “classic” shadow copys, isn’t it? Like Macs Timemachine. I used that in Windows 7. I’ll make sure to enable this.
This doesn’t allow full restore of the machine though. Or am i wrong?



Not of the whole machine, though these days I tend not to bother, I would just redeploy a fresh install from a setup script if that’s an option.

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Yes the integrated backup allows you to restore from boot device, it can even help you create one.

I personally still use MyBackupPC on my linux server and accessing windows through the Samba/Windows Share.
This is pretty old, but still practical when using plenty of small servers.

Today I would use SyncThing and snapshots/MyBackupPC for differential.



Built in windows backup–personal file coverage
Built in system restore–apps installed as well as user profiles and system files coverage

Both tools are able to be mapped to network location(usb hdd plugged into routers usb port if router allows or old win95 win 98 win xp etc machine with public hdd or folder share)



Macrium reflect free is really good,

the paid version even includes a system service that supposedly prevents your backups from being encrypted by ransomware.



I know you asked for free but if maybe you would be ready to spend 20$, Bvckup 2 is the way to go. It’s the one use, very easy to use and super good UI and is always updated by the developers to fix bugs.



Well thanks for all the replies. I highly appreciate it. I guess i’ll just be going with the build-in Backup solutions then. Less clutter on the PC is always a good thing.



Personally my view is a backup is something I am going to need so I pay for it. Im on spider oak over 3 linux boxes and have tested its recall with no problems what so ever.



You might also look at Cobian. Free and decent.



AOMEI Backupper will be my choice!



Duplicati. Free, handles onsite or offsite copies automatically and easily. Compresses, de-duplicates, multiple backup strategies or devise you own. Works very well for me to be honest.