Which ending did you choose for New Vegas? Nuka Break Red Star is out

Which ending/faction did you choose for the end to Fallout New Vegas and why? If the game were a real world what reasons led you to pick that faction. I.e. making the world a better place, getting all the power you can, being greedy, etc.

I personally chose to fry House after he wanted me to kill the Brotherhood of Steel and started an Independent New Vegas with Yes Man.

If there are any Nuka Break fans out there "Fallout: New Vegas - Red Star" is out. It follows the guy that was in NCR armor at the end of the first season.

I chose the "I can't be fucked ending".  Never bothered to finish it.

Will get round to it one day.

I took over New Vegas with a robot army..

I finished all the storylines

Which time? I have played through that game so many times, probably finished 98% of side quests, and done every possible ending.

Maybe a better question is what would be the benefits/negatives to each faction. Like say the NCR is democratic but extremely corrupt and trying to take all the land they can, House wants Vegas for himself, but has the master plan, the legion is the legion. Or you can be independent and just take Vegas for yourself and depending on your morality you can make it good or bad, but not perfect. So it seems like the game story wise seems to mirror reality a bit that no side is perfect and you have to decide for yourself which one you agree with more.

Same here, man. It just sits in my steam libary collecting internet dust now

I've chosen the NCR and take over New Vegas endings but I haven't finished them yet