Which ECC memory for R9 3900X linux desktop?

I’m building a new workstation, and I would like ecc memory in it.
It has to be a silent pc, without water.
I’m running Fedora.
I’d like 2x16GB or 2x32GB.
I couldn’t find the qvl, I guess it’s not available yet.

asus com/Motherboards/Pro-WS-X570-ACE/HelpDesk_QVL/

Can someone point me in the right direction for good price/quality memory which would/might work.

The Asrock x570 extreme4 is a close second.
I’ll wait for a few review before I’ll make the purchase.
I want to be sure the chipset cooler is ‘silent’.

Thanks for all the feedback.

MB:   ASUS WS X570-ACE PRO                      €342,70
CPU:  AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (zonder koeler)         €552,80
COOL: BE QUIET! Dark Rock Pro 4                 € 80,70
SSD:  SAMSUNG 970 Evo Plus 1000GB               €229,30
GPU:  3th party AMD Radeon RX 5700 OR 5700XT    /
PSU:  CORSAIR AX850 850W                        €212,80
CASE: FRACTAL DESIGN Define R6 USB-C Blackout   €127.20


The memory speeds matter and we are only just seeing ecc faster than 2666. So it gets weird.

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So how would your server build looked like? @wendell

OP is asking about a workstation build. Not a server. I’d imagine Wendell’s server build would be Epyc (pun intended)

Have there been any developments on this in the last few months? I’m looking at a 3900X build, and the RAM is the thing I can’t decide on.