Which Cryptocurrency?

Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the forums but have been watching Tek Syndicate for a while now.

I've become really interested in Crypto-Currencies lately, and was looking at the possibility of getting into mining. So, I was wondering what people mined here, whether there was anyone still mining Bitcoins, and whether anyone uses an ASIC.

I was considering getting an ASIC or two, and was just interested in any commments you guys had on any currencies, whether they support ASICs or not.



Asi is the only way to do it, ut to make any profit, youll need a 100GH/s Miner or greater. 

Litecoin is still a little profitable, but only if you have a 7970 or multiple 7950s.

I'm looking at a couple 90GH/s Miners, the "Nitro Miner Mini" if you're interested, my uncle has 5 and recommended them to me, they're pretty good value at 180€. I don't really have much Graphics Power, and to make it worse it's a nVidia card (670), so that's pretty out of the question for me. 

Ok, looked into it a bit more, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of good mining Pools, It seems the Tek Syndicate one is pretty dead unfortunately, but was wondering if anyone knew of good alternatives?