Which CPU temp is correct?

I have Core Temp and Asus AI Suite II. Core Temp says my CPU temps are around 20 degrees and the AI Suite says mt temps are around 38 degrees. That seems to be a major difference. Which is correct? My CPU is an AMD FX-8350.

Asus Suite probably reeads Socket temperature. You can test it with AIDA64 where CPU is socket temp., and Cores are, well, cores :).

Socket temperature is the correct one (temperature i follow), here is why. Socket temperature is measured by sensor, while core temperatures are calculated.

On idle, Core temperatures are inaccurate, while on load, people say they are pretty much very accurate, but i trust sensor readings more then some suspicious calculations :P.

While encoding my temperatures go up to 70-74c (depends on room temp. this is for 30+), while maximum i reached (on purpose, with Auto/overvolting) is 80c for both CPU socket and VRM's, at that point, motherboard started to throttle CPU freq and voltage, and continued to run without problems at solid 80c (with variations to 79c, and without spike to 81c).

Look at temperature when your CPU is at full load, you will se max 10c difference. As long as you are bellow 70c for socket, everything is fine.

I don't think I have ever seen it go past 52 or 53 degrees in Asus AI Suite II and that was from testing different games to put the CPU under load. So I guess I am good temp wise :)

Yep, you are good :). But, you cna count at 10c more from Prime95 test or encoding, so socket max would be at 60-65c, and that is still great. Monitor core temps also, theya re usually lower then socket.

the socket temperature is actually not the correct one to use. You want to go by core temp, as the socket can handle a higher temperature than the CPU cores can.

The CPU cores (for amd) max is supposed to be 61C. But the Socket temp will vary among motherboard manufacturers.  

Thanks for the info and help everyone :)

Well, best way is to monitor both temperatures.

It's not true that max core temp. for AMD CPU's is 61c. My CPu have max core temp of 70c (or 72c, while CoreTemp program suggest it is 80c), while i successfully did go up to 80c without single problem (apart from heat in the room).

Also, core temperature is calculated temperature, and socket temperature is measured by sensor, i would def. turst sensor more then calculations, but that's just me ;).

for the 8350, +1 what phantom says, the core temperature is the one to be monitored

In my case the socket temp is a big chunk higher than the core(s) temperature(s). I think that's more a testament to good thermal paste/heat dissipation, than a sensor flaw, but I'm not sure on that one.

Its good to read that. I always thought aswell that the cores shouldnt be higher than 60°, Heck, I'm even so paranoid that I stopped overclocking at 52° core temp. 

Maybe I should dare to push the OC a bit higher, considering the fact you haven't run into problems.