Which CPU/MOBO bundle to get?

Here is the link http://www.microcenter.com/site/products/amd_bundles.aspx

Can I run the 8320 on a ASROCK EXTREME 4?

I need someone with some more knowlege in this field to hep me out, if thats okay.

I have around $200 for one of those bundles.

What's your budget? Someone will probably be able to pick out the optimal bundle on that given website. The 8320 and that mobo is something that people often choose.

Okay, thanks for pointing out that I forgot the budget. Can one OC the 8320 to say... 4.2 GHZ on that mobo?

I would stay away from the low-end Asrock boards. The Extreme 4 and Extreme 3 have a rather low-end VRM that is going to make OCing less stable, and more prone to incorrect voltages.

Out of all of those, I would go with the Gigabyte UD3 990FX, but for your budget, the Asus M5A97 is going to be your best bet.


I'd spend the extra $30 and get the 8350 with asrock board if I just have to get an AMD setup. Waiting 2 more weeks for other options wouldn't hurt either. Good Luck.

No, I would stick with the Gigabyte or Asus board; the Asrock board just can't compare to the others at that price-range. Their higher end boards, starting with the Extreme6, are fantastic, but not the Extreme4. The CPU power of the 8350 isn't much more than the 8320, either.

True they are relatively the same except that in theory AMD bins low quality samples as 8320 and high as 8350.

Yes stay away from the Asrock  970 boards as you want to pickup a 8320 of 8350 125W tdp cpu. the reason for that is what Brannanriddell just said, those boards have to weak vrm´s and the power phase is not capable to do any oc on those 125W tdp cpus, if you put a FX6300 on those boards 95W tdp you would be fine, but not those 8 cores.

on the 970 chipset boards, there are only 3 models i would personnaly recommend to put the FX8320/8350.

Asus M5A97 evo R2.0 6+2 power phase + digi vrm

Gigabyte GA-970A ud3 8+2 power phase

Asus M5A97 R2.0 4+2 power phase <--- not much  room for oc on those 125W tdp cpus but it will runn fine. you can do a tiny oc on it.

but ofc the best way is to go on a decent 990Fx chipset board, like Sabbertooth, that gets bundled with  both cpu´s or the gigabyte-GA-990FXA-ud3. On the asrock boards with a 125Wtdp cpu i can only recommend 2 models, atleast the 990FX extreme 4 8+2 power phase, or the Extreme 9 12+2 power phase.

Asrock 970 extreme 3/4 aswell as the Asrock 990Fx extreme3 have only a 4+1 power phase design, and is just to weak for a 125Wtdp cpu. especialy wenn you plan on doing some serious oc stuff.

Back to youre main question, if youre budget is  arround 200 dollar. i would say the FX8320 with the Asus M5A97 R2.0 thats the best  performing combo you can get for 204 dollar.Also a good deal would be the FX6300 with that same Motherboard.

grtz Angel ☺

just an fwi, you get $40 off ANY compatible board, you dont have to go with those bundles

I have a budget of around $400 so I think i'll go for this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/YhXw

Couple of questions though.

If I build a wooden test bench type thing should it work?

And can I just use an old laptop HDD?

You would probably not able to use a old laptop hdd, cause those  would be protbably a ATA (ide).

I would go with the Gigabyte UD3 bundle as long as you can afford an extra $40. If not, then the ASUS board is probably a safe bet.