Which CPU Cooler?

Hey everyone, first post here.

I'm about halfway into an X99 build for my girlfriend, black and white themed.

She wanted to go with a NZXT Source Elite 220 for something with a window and vents, that still looked low-key.

So far it has: Asus X99-Pro, Corsair AX760, i7-5820K, 16GB Corsair Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 (4 x 4gb)

The issue I've ran into is I'm not sure what cooler to put in it.

The Elite 220 supports dual 140mm fans in the top, but the Asus X99-Pro has an 8 pin right at the top center, which has limited my space quite a bit. Between the 8 pin connector and the top of the case, I have around 25mm of wiggle room. I was going to originally go with a dual 140mm AIO water cooler, but most of those are coming in at over 25mm just in rad width.

I could go with a single 120mm cooler in the rear, but I would much rather have a dual in the top.

So the question is, are there any super slim AIO loops out there that would fit under 25mm?

Thanks for any help.

I just measured my cooler.  Corsair H100i and it is exactly 25 mm. however, with the fans it measures an additonal 25mm for a total of 50 mm.

so it might work for passive cooling, but if you only have a total of 25mm to play with, than fans might not be an option.

Would you still have clearance issues if you went with a 120.2 rad? (eg h100)

If there is a bit of fouling with the fans and the 8pin power just cut and file away some of the fan shroud if you have to.

You wont get a super slim radiator. It wouldnt perform well anyway being super thin. Standard AIO radiators are too thin to begin with imho. You may be better off with a nice air cooler - phanteks, noctua...

I'll probably go with a single 120 in the back or an air cooler then. Thanks.