Which CPU Cooler?

Hey i was just wondering what the best cooler would be to go inside the NZXT Zero case..and as a side note what programs do people use to monitor temps? i don't use any atm but ive heard speedfan or everest? are good

the one from zallam 110 mn

AKA zalman CNPS9700 NT or LED

i love my ASUS Silent knight al but thats just me.

stock idle temps are 36,37,28,26 (seriously, i was like woah)

though at 1.552v, little bit of load from background shit im at 43,43,33,34


id go with the 9700 as well. although i went with the 9500 as i needed to make little cuts to fit the budget.

the zalman looks good but would the SunBeamTech Core Contact Freezer CPU Cooler fit? it seems like it beats out the zalman and even the TRUE according to a couple of sites i went to

For looks and if u have window go with Thermaltake Duorb

Cheap and performance, Artic pro 7

But i would recommend the sycthe kanata or like ultra 120 one of those

big cooolers if they fit