Which CPU cooler should i get?

im thinking the tuniq tower 120 or the zerotherm nirvana... anyone have any suggestions? this is for my new build, im getting the Asus Maximus Formula II and the E8400.

Depends on your OC plans, and if you are going to lap anything. As of now, I'd probably go with the Tuniq, which cools a bit better, but it's rather bulky, and lacks aesthetics if you ask me. The best coolers would be the OCZ Vendetta, Xigmatek HDT Rifle, Thermalright Ultra Extreme, And the Noctua...something something. With your two following closely after of course. I recommend Arctic Cooling MX-2 as a thermal paste.


that saw looks beastly

The SpinQ isn't that great. Looks nice, but that's all it has going for it. Cooling is like that of a Zalman 9500A.

Im getting the SpinQ once I get my $100 christmas check from my grandma.

Does it need molex, or can it just run off of the 4 pin CPU power connector?

Im getting the SpinQ once I get my $100 christmas check from my grandma.

Does it need molex, or can it just run off of the 4 pin CPU power connector?

u might need to buy ur 5th mobo as that beast will break ur current one in half

hmmmm, actually i kind of want a 4-pin cpu cooler because to me it would seem like a hassle to constantly ajust your cpu fan.

Or I might get a new case.....Im thinking the case needs an upgrade......

UGLY....the 4870 will fix that!




Xigmatek HDT 1283, woop almost every other coolers ass

Hellz yes man. That's the heatsink I'm getting for my next build.

To Nate - Nice Monitor and I would recommend the case upgrade and some cable management, good god my eyes.

I'd have to disagree with Rice but also agree at the same time. This really depends on your case, if you do not own a case that has exhaust at BOTH the top and rear of the case do not get this. The air is not controlled some of it just goes right back to the baseplate some goes onto your motherboard and the rest just shoots all over the place. The two exhausts help control the air from the cooler alot more. So that cooler is both good and bad at the same time. The best design are the ones that just blow that shiz right to the back of the case so then you only have to depend on that 1 fan at the back to hand off the air.

The SpinQ dissipates heat in a 360 degree angle. So it may not be a good choice unless you have exhaust fans up top and the rear.

The nirvana is a good one too.

What's amazing is that I took that picture while my comp was on. And my CPU fan was spinning @ 3000rpm. And my camera was so fast it had no blur.

Dude WHERE are you expasion plate covers... makes it look like you found that case

Oh. I wasn't thinking and broke them all off. Yes, the were the crappy sodered on ones that you have to bend numourous times to get off. Send me the link to like a ten pack of covers and I'll get them. Also. Find some cable ties and I'll get those. And anything else I'm missing. :(

Better View-


it will depend on the distanec between you cpu and your dimm sockets do a measure the get the dimensions for both coolers

personally i have the tuniq tower and it idles around 30c but if i was to get anothe i would go with the nirvana

also i would recommend the coolmaster v8