Which cooler for my 2700k?

I want to overclock my 2700k to 4.5ghz and keep it ice cold. I haven't evan overclocked my cpu and with the stock cooler my cpu cores run around 79cs with prime 95.

Well the Noctuas are good, Phanteks makes some big huge 140mm fan coolers, acrtic coolings new i30's are getting pretty good reviews, the zalman cnps 9900 series is a really good series and even allows you ram clearence on all 4 slots, just look around and read reviews, there are a ton of great air coolers out there, and id say Closed loop and custom liquid cooling loops are a given to keep a Oc'd cpu cool bnut theyre also espensive.

CM Hyper 212 Evo/+ will get the job done for cheap.

Otherwise a NH-D14, TPC 812, or H100

how much are you looking to spend and do you own high quality thermal paste?