Which cooler for i7 3930k



or that:



I don't know how well either would cool, main thing I want is for max temp at 100% to be around 60 degrees , don't know if that is a crazy number or not, but it's about were my corsair h60  gets. I don't have much experience with air cooling so my temp hopes might be a bit off :p 

nh-d14 will kill the dark knight, and the h60

Welp ordered the nh-d14, if anybody wants to buy a corsair h60 for around $60 + 2 silent fans (not stock corsair fans) just message me 

I bought the NH-D14 with my 3930k. Im doing 4.7GHz 24/7 at 1.29v with 2500RPM fans. It works great!

+1 NH-D14.

It'll run quieter than the alternatives, and I know you had trouble with heatsink noises.

Yeah, the NH-D14 will, in all ways possible, rape and pillage the Dark Knight II. Great fans, nice fin density, and fantastic mounting system.

also to people of the future that are reading this thinking of getting the same cooler make sure you buy this: 


only if you don't have those 4 stupid ass edge screws that I needed 

also also necropost but anyone woundering temps for i7 3930k w/ nh-d14

idle - 30ish(c)

full load 60(c)

also this is with fans at max speed 24/7

I would imagine that if it was under full load for say a whole day it might hit around 65

Happy with it? I should have got a dual tower, instead of this single tower with dual 120s

Did you just or recently buy the 3930k, because I was gonna say its better to have waited for Ivy e.

i would recommend Phanteks PH-TC14PE  for an aircooler, just the best aircooler to get

if you prefer an LC cooler then i would recommend NZXT Krakan X60. if it does fit your case.

I don't think anyone can go too wrong with fat ass dual radiator towers :p