Which combo is better?

1. Amd FX 6300 + R9 290x

2. Amd FX 6300 + GTX 970

3. Intel I5 4670k + R9 280x

And could someone tell me if they have bottlenecks.

Or suggest something along the same lines as these.


The third one is well balanced, but it would be better off even more if it was paired with a GTX 970.

actually ... an Intel i5-4690k and the R9 280x is only $10 more than the i5-4670k and IMO be the better choice as of now ... unless money is no object  ... then the 4690k and the biggest GPU (or two) that you can afford

AMD will be dropping the R9 3XX series soon and you can expect savings and in six months Nvidia will drop the second Gen GTX 9XX GPUs and so on ... 

and to answer your question about bottlenecks ... the FX 6300 can be a choke point with a big GPU if you do not OC ... but it depends on the game much of the time

yes but $130 minimum more ... 

Oh ok so if I overclock the FX 6300, it wouldn't be that much a problem for the GPU?

CPU bound games may give you a problem ... but not that much ... that said ... the i5 4690k is a much stronger CPU right out of the box and if you can afford it ... the better choice IMO