Which cms should I use?

What is the best cms out there that is expandable, hackability, and doesn't suck to use. Also building from the ground up isn't off the table either.

Logan and Wendell push around and use SquareSpace a lot. The main Tek site runs on Drupal, and and the new forums runs on a forum manager called Discourse. Drupal's got a pretty steep learning curve, and SquareSpace is stupid simple but costs, and obviously discourse is only really meant for forums, which brings up the fact that I wish the Tek forums were better integrated into the main site, hopefully that's a future plan.

Personally, even though a ton of web dev 'Veterans' will completely shun and laugh at it, I use WordPress for a lot of simple straight forward projects. It has a ton of support and answers. It's also pretty straight forward and only needs a little bit of php knowledge to mold and tweak, and it's possible to use it for really large complex applications. It's also fairly inefficient which goes back mostly to the fact that it runs on php, and with all of the support it has, there's a fairly large community of script-kiddies always trying to find the next big exploit to cripple you if you don't stay up to date. If a project is large enough and involves any sort of guarantee or sensitivity, it's always good to start from the ground up.

Another fairly new CMS that's I've wanted to get my hands on and play with is called WebHook. Dave Snider, one of the founders of WebHook occasionally is featured on the Tested podcast and talks about it. It seems pretty cool, although sort of a WordPress clone, it also seems fairly straight forward and may be somewhere to start.

Ok. Thanks. I had a feeling I was going to have to build it from the ground up.

By the way hoosier nation.

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Lol, np.

Sounds like you want to build from the ground up so you might want to look into PHP Development frameworks. CakePHP and CodeIgniter are probably the most famous. And here's a list of others that people use enough http://mashable.com/2014/04/04/php-frameworks-build-applications/

Ferman, how do you feel about ruby on rails?

Ruby on Rails is getting a lot of buzz these past couple of years (discourse uses ruby). I personally am a bigger fan of python.


Django, web2py, Flask, and Pyramid are kind of the front runners if you research enough.

pyramid is a frame work I've been wanting to try for a while.
Kotti is a cms based on that.