Which Cherry MX is closest to a c64?

Hi, I have been looking at a few mechanical keyboard, I grew up with the Commodore 64 and really like the feel of using the keyboard. Does anyone know what Cherry MX would be the closest to the Commodore 64? Regards. -James.

Perhaps blacks or reds. Seems like an old board with rubber domes or something of that nature. You might not like the clicks of browns/blues

from what i can gather those used membrains with a spring holding up the keycap, so the closest might be scissor-switches (a type of membrain, common on laptops and low profile keyboards)

something with deep keys and scissor switches, if you could find such a thing

but of the cherry mx's reds would likely be the closest

cool, thanks for the help guys :)

thermaltake do a plunger keyboard thats oldschool like the amiga, c64, atari keyboards.

the current cherry reds are very close in feel and weight.