Which Case?

I have two options of cases that im interested in. 

The Fractal Design Core 3000, Or the Sharkoon T28, Green.

There both great cases, and both come with decent fans and alot of space for airflow and coolness.

Im torn between both of them, so I need some opinions.

Is there any real difference between them? Do they both offer the same options?

Any replies or info is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Kinda depends, they both seem to have similar specs, compare the prices of them too, one might be that much less money to justify getting it over the other.

But it mosty comes down to personal preference in this case. I should also say that I have no experience with the Sharkoon brand whatsoever but I know that Fractal has a nice reputation for good airflow.

Like I said though. Personal preference, and look up a few reviews on both cases to make a more informed decision.

Definitely the Fractal Design Core 3000 It had way cleaner lines and looks profesional, you could also check out this for a cheaper alternitive http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811815014