Which case to get

So recently I've been looking at a case for around $100 and I've seen three that I like and don't know which one to get. these case are

Fractal Design define r4

NZXT h440

Phanteks Enthoo pro

So can anyone help me with my decision.

Fractal R4 is awesome.  Really quiet, easy to clean, good cable management options, room for rads if thats your thing, plenty of drive space, dust filter system works really really well and easy to clean out.

Im sure the others are fine as well but I only have an R4.

I don't know about the phanteks, but the r4 and the h440 are both solid cases. I think it comes down to personal choice

I went with the h440 because of a red and black themed build.

Referring to the quiet statement, did you add any fans if so what kind are they


I use Fractal silent series fans for the case - 2 front and 1 bottom on intake and 1 top on exhaust.  My Kraken x40 has a pair of Akasa Vipers on it in the back as exhaust as well.  The only fans I can hear when it running is the GPU fans and even they are very quiet (EVGA GTX 770 ACX)

phanteks gets my vote. i care more about the build/layout/features then the looks.


They are all good cases ... depends completely on your personal tastes

Strongly depends...

Feature wise the best one is Enthoo pro. It has everything... And it's just 100$. For this price you can fully customize everything in it. Priceless feature. And when i say everything i mean everything. Everything can be removed, relocated, added, changed...

If your choice is silence - H440 wipes the floor with the Define R4. Whoever says otherwise is WRONG. H440 have everything better then Define R4 - better airflow, better noise isolation, better vibration dampening, better cable management, everything... Even the window is not acrylic. It is some noise isolation plastic, that is usable as window. The freaking thumbscrews have rubber dampening washers, that lowers down any possible vibration. It comes with 4 fans and a freaking fan hub. It has less restrictive hard drive mounting system. It has PSU cover with SSD mounting brackets to hude the cable mess and at the same time show off your SSDs without the need to remove the motherboard... H440 is much better then Define R4...

So if you want silence - H440. If you need features - Enthoo Pro. It is that simple.