Which case should I get?

I have narrowed it down to two cases. I know my motherboards will fit in both, and everything should fit just fine and both cases would allow me to upgrade compenents a lot easier than my current case.

Your thoughts?






By the way, if the Fractal Design one came in white I'd pick it 100%. But.. It doesn't..

The Fractal Design looks better and seems more timeless. 

I would actually reccomend a Rosewill thor V2 even though thats not on your list but if your list id say the fractal

The NZXT Phantom, really cant go wrong with that case.  Plenty of room, good cable managment, lots of fan options.  The only rear downside to the. Phantom is that the 200mm fans are NZXT specific and others wont fit and vice versa, not that big of a deal imo, the NZXT fans are well built and quiet.  The case itself looks fantastic as well.  Pretty big and pretty heavy as well but given the beast of a case that it is i suppose that it to be expected.  Has tooless bays and all that good stuff you would expect from a more expensive case.

The Fractal Deesign R4 comes in 100% white.

Is the R4 as good of a quality of the http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811352031 ?

The R4 is actually better in my opinion.

I was in similar dilemma over Phantom vs R4. 

In the end i chose R4 as i don't like the idea of  "You may only use our custom super expensive fans".

I made the right choise as NZXT fans were over 30 € here.

If you like the asymetrical shape of the phantom, go for it. For me, there are only 3 things that matter in a case, looks, cooling, size. I'd recommend you getting the one that you feel looks better cause the looks of your rig will have an effect on how you will end up feeling about your PC cause that's what you're gonna be looking at all day long, or at least while you use it.

That is right.. Well with Fractal I could buy some of their silent series fans which I love, so that would work out for me. In your guy's opinion what is the best Fractal Design case they have to offer right now?

White R4 i love it

definitely the fractal

the phantom is stupidly long unless you have an e-atx board


Now I just need to decide on either the R4 or the new case I linked. I guess I will stay away from the Phantom, maybe for a different build later on.. 

As said above the R4 will actually be a bit more robust as it uses more metal and the sound dampening can also help a little.

Don't let the Phantom scare you.  It does look a bit funky, but really I personally like the look of it.  The real advantage that the Phantom has over the Arc Midi or the Define R4 is airflow.  The Phantom can accomodate up to 3 200mm fans and 4 120mm fans.  The Fractal case are nice in having a minimalistic look to them, and I would highly recommend the R4, but what I'm trying to say is don't let the Phantom's odd shape scare you away from it, it's an amazing case!

Here are the NZXT 200mm fans:


and the Fractal Silent Series 140mm fans:


Airflow and quietness is a big issue. Are the 200mm fans much louder than the Fractal fans, and how much does airflow and cooling improve? 

Those Fractal fans are dead silent, and the R4 supports 7 of them, which for the noise will probably move more and and move it more effectively than the 200mm fans, although the 200mm fans are going to also be silent as can be, the R$ is no slouch in cooling performance.