Which case is the best?

Which case is the best out of these options. (all options are 100 and below)
Corsair vengeance C70
Corsair 400r
Corsair 500r
Fractal Define R4
NZXT Phantom 410
My maximum budget for a case is $100
If there is a better option then the cases list please list it. Thanks.

I quite like them all. I think the R4 is a better silent case than the NZXT H2.

I happen to like the Fractal Arc Midi. That's another choice that you should consider.

Is the fractal quieter than the c70 because both are $100 right now.

The R4 is very silent. They are probably close, though.

The R4 is probably the most silent out of the given choices.

Which one will run the coolest?

After ages of research, I picked a Corsair 500r for my upcoming build. 
The aesthetics, sturdiness, value and features were top notch, so I went ahead.
(Also my 770 was fucking huge!) 

Corsair 500r and Vengeance C70....500r can have more fans. c70 has lots of air vents.

Go the R4 i've got the 410 and i have one clicking fan it will echo through the case. If you dont care about noise go for which you think will suit your needs.

Air or water cooling?

If water loop for CPU and GPU(s)?