Which Case is better?

I'm looking at these cases for my gaming rig, I am going to be putting a 240mm radiator in it. 

NZXT Phantom 630

NZXT Switch 810  

Corsair Graphite Series 600T

Which one would be the best or what other case would be better?


NZXT cases use a lot of plastic, some people like that and others don't. Corsair makes a great product imo. If you get the white version of the 600T, it comes with the side window pannel and the mesh pannel that allows up to 4 120mm fans. It would be between the 630 and the 600T to me and I would go with the 600T. I like the options and the looks better, plus if you don't like the temps with the window you can put in the aformentioned mesh.

The 600T would fit the radiator in the top too.

Another option i could offer would be the bitfenix shinobi XL, that's a decent water cooler and it has a special usb port for charging your stuff, also the soft touch is really nice.

I agree with nregner. I used to own an old NZXT Phantom and the plastic really didn't last long. Though, NZXT has come a long way since then. I would definitely consider the 630 for myself.

However, the 600T gets my vote. It might be smaller, but you can guarantee it has better build quality. The 600T has a door on the side panel, I prefer this to a side panel being held in place with thumb screws. I've always had a problem with thumb screws deteriating, the chassis doesn't remain solid over time. And the 600T has radiator support, you're really not missing out on anything by getting the 600T.