Which card to buy? 7970 vs 7950

Should I buy a brand new radeon 7950 for $295 or should i buy a used radeon 7970 for $310? Or if you have any other suggestions please feel free. Budget is around 300. Thanks.

I'd go new 7970. What's $15 for something that is better, new, and has a warranty? 

My bad, didn't read that right.  If you know the person that is selling the 7970, and you know that it works right, go for that. If not, go for the 7950.

I think a used 7970 is a little high at $310 if you shop arround a little you can find better deals. I just bought my Sapphire 7950 new for $260 because it wouldn't fit in the guy's case. (I still consider that new)

Check out reddit.com/r/buildapcsales


Over the past couple weeks, I have seen a new Saphhire 7970 going for $310. This is a brand new card. So yea, get the 7970


Edit: Looks like this deal is no longer valid. Newegg does have a 359.99 7970 by Saphire but you get that price after $20 MIR

I have a 7950 and I can play maxed out every game at a playable framerate, on top of that, with a low overclock the 7950 can reach the performance of a stock 7970. I'd go for the 7950 because it does the job and it has a warranty, you never know with graphics cards. Cheers !

all up to if you trust the person selling the 7970, i'll take my warrenty and perfect certanty that it works anyday