Which card should I choose?

Hi guys, I'm currently trying to put together parts for my first pc build but I am completely stumped when it comes to the  GPU. I'm currently stuck between these 3:

MSI HS 7950 Twin Frozr III Boost edition (£190)


EVGA  Geforce GTX 760 SC (£210)


or the Asus Geforce GTX 760 Direct CUII OC (£213)


In terms of gaming I'd like a card that can play most games pretty well. I'm moving from console gaming so I'm not exactly sure of specifics, but I know i'm gonna get Rise of the Triad, Natural Selection 2 and Warframe. I'm going to be buying a 1080p monitor, so not playing anything in 1440p.

I've read a lot saying 7950 cards are the best in terms of price to performance, but if I'm honest I have a slight preference towards Nvidia cards (I'm lazy and like the performance boost or whatever it's called with Nvidia cards).

I'd also like to be able to try some overclocking too, but nothing crazy as I've never overclocked anything before.

 I truly am stumped between these 3 cards so any advice would be golden!

Cheers guys.

MSI TF 7950. It will overclock well, producing a higher performance value than the 760. The 7950's performance is close to an overclocked 770.

@Mr. Expert I thought the gpu boost was a kind of like a lazy overclock if your system was running cool? I also liked the fact that an Nvidia card tells you the best settings to play games. However I'm not gonna buy an Nvidia card based solely on those two benefits.

I had a feeling the 7950 would be the winner here, but as I'm quite new to putting a build together yourself I thought it better to ask.

Does anyone know if it's relatively easy or hard to overclock the MSI 7950? I ask only as I'm definitely going to try (will be overclocking the CPU as well if I can actually decide on the right mobo), but as I mentioned previously I've never OC'd anything before.

You merely download a bit of software, an overclocking utility. Once you see the software it is pretty self-explanatory. You just move the sliders and increase the performance.

You ensure the ovreclock is stable by running different benchmark tests, like FurMark. Plenty of guides online to help you. Ridiculously easy.

That's it in a nuthsell.

Yes, GPU boost is like a lazy overclock. The point is the 7950 will overclock much further than an Nvidia card of equal value. So you get more performance for your money, and a greater amount of free games.

Well that's me decided. the 7950 it is! Really appreciate the advice!