Which build should I use?


Build 1:

Build 2:

All I really want to know is whitch one will be more upgradeable and future-proof. Also which one will handle games better and how do you think it will handle games? Which one will handle them better and how much of a differance will there be?

Stay away from the i3.

I would assume that the A10 would be the better choice performance-wise, but I would look up some reviews if I were you just to make sure.

neather build. if you want to upgrade in the future the i3 build is the best out of those 2 but you should look at this


phenom iix4 8gb ram 990fx mb and 620 w psu.for 550 and 7850 and when the new amd cpu's come out in a year you can drop in a new 8 core.

For real, buy a case that costs 50$ instead of 100$ and buy a cheaper PSU and put that money into your CPU. You will be much happier. You won't need a 600w power supply for that build anyway.

out of the two, the AMD version.


Or go with this. You get a 8350 (the CPU logan is currently backing so strongly) And an 7850 and it comes out to 580$. On a budget build, don't put so much into the case. Cases look cool, but what do you get more enjoyment out of? Looking at a cool case or looking at good fast graphics without lag.