Which build for gaming/virtualization work?

So I recently received a nice little bonus at work to the tune of $1000.
and I'm looking to upgrade/replace my main rig. 

I have already have a few monitors I can pick from, as well as RAM and and windows 7 pro licenses, all leftovers from previous builds.

I cant decide between this AMD 8320 based rig


and this Intel xeon based rig


Primary use will be gaming at 1080p, though im not sure what graphics card to get so i just put the same one in each to make it an "apples to apples" comparison. 

 So I was hoping the forum lurkers would be so kind as to help me choose.
 Any suggestions on improving either would be greatly appreciated.

also I'm new to the forums. be gentle. 

spend the extra cash what you get by getting the FX 8320 on a better GPU like GTX 770 or R9 280X and you won't regret it :)

I may be corrected on this, but I wouldn't get a Xeon for a gaming rig. I would go with the AMD build myself if you are mostly gaming.

Well i've been told that xeon, the E3-1320 v3, was basically a 4770 without integrated graphics.

 now that doesnt mean the 8320 wont outperform it in certain games but I dont plan on overclocking either machine. I'm just wanting the best per $ performance, the increased single core performance coupled with the lower power draw make me a little wary to jump from the safety of AMD's i've had for the past 3 years..

NO! I saw that thread! the E3 Xeons are not are not good gaming cpu's! The 8320 will be better at gaming and is better in productivity also!  

anyone who says xeons are bad for gaming has never gamed on a xeon, the only reason they might be perceived as worse is because they have locked multipliers and generally lower clock speeds, they're perfectly capable for gaming

I do believe it depends which Xeon, but the one being talked about here should outperform the 8320.