Which build do i choose 1200$

video based on nothing?

look logans vids, he benched the games.

this noobs only talks bad about logan, but he doesnt come with any hard proofe.

only stupid brainless bullshit talk.

yes the i7 3770k is better, but the diffrence in gaming (thats what we talking about here) between the i7 and the fx8350 is realy close.2/4 fps.

some games like intel cpu more the other games like amd more, its just how they designend.

if you want better overall performance now at the moment, then the i7 is better, but also at that the diffrence, isn¶t that big, those benchmark site will make you do believe.

the price diffrence is just the inportant issue, if you want 2/4 fps in some games more then you just pay twice as much for cpu an mainboard.

i dont care ☻

in streaming gaming eaven the FX8350 beats  both i5 and i7.

just look  logans video´s  thats based on true benches.

look at this video, an older FX6100 crappy bulldozer against the i7 3770k in battlefield 3.

look at the fps in the games, based on real live benches.


reading benches, from some hardware benchmark site, graphics based on nothing?  thats the only big statement, that dude made in youre youtube movie haha

thats the only shit intel fans come up with.

And i´m not an amd fan girl no, i allways had intel, infact i was allways  intel fan girl, but im happy my eyes openend, and now my first amd system, im very happy with it. ☻ especialy for the price difrence. the most inportant thing about a gaming system is just a good gpu. its better to spend to money to that.

grtz Angel



Those were true benchmarks they had tho And the link they and. the 8350 would not be better than the i7 in streaming and editing y do think most ppl tht do that stuff use intel. I'm not being a fan boy but the i7 cost more and it's easier to upgrade a graphic card then a CPU 

I messed up in the first sentence