Which build do i choose 1200$

This build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/LAhV

or this build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/LAgV

I know they are the same basically but idk if i want a better MOBO for overclocking

(i will be using the pc for 3monitor gaming thats y i went overkill on psu so i can get cross-fire l8er and streaming rendering and a bit of video editing with sony vegas)

(i also no that i dont have a cpu cooler but i will get one l8er on in the future)

if u no a better build post it (budget 1200$)

My suggestion is the first one, but with the MSI 7970. I know it's a little over budget but you WILL thank me later. That machine will run great. Happy building!

Double post double post ☻

i found this setup


grtz Angel

I second the build put forward by MisteryAngel - that will overclock nicely and includes quite a snappy GPU.

Or, the following: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/LAWn

The build I have suggested here will be very OC happy.

Note: this is a cheaper motherboard, but it will OC just fine.

I this realy good option, with eye on overclocking:

i found this ☻


16gb ram not necessary.

My guess is that he wants the vector so that he can get far cry 3 for free

Why are you going all out on every other part than the RAM?

If you put 16GB instead of 8GB, you could change your gaming build into a editting build.

That really depends on whether the fellow wants to edit anything...

He´s wane do gaming rendering and streaming thats why i choosed for 16GB instead of 8 GB ramm.

so yes  to me its a very good value to the system.

so i still would say this one: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/LzGB

grtz Angel ☻

Heres a build i just made http://pcpartpicker.com/p/LS06 .

also i heard that if u have 4x4 sticks of 16gb its better.


You dont need 16gb of ram, and statement about 4x4 sticks is better is ridiculous


Absolutely crazy build, but, what the hell. Anyway, much better MSI board, lots of unnecessarily fast RAM, a Radeon HD 7970, an SSD with a fair amount of space, and liquid cooling in a case that has a window and a fan control slider. I think this is one of the most efficient uses of money I could build while getting a halfway decent case with a window... Unfortunately, it does limit the placement of the cooler to the rear ventilation point, so you might want to hunt your own case if that is a problem for you.

Eh, if you have a modern enough board with fast enough RAM that happens to match, with a program that happens to be able to use that amount of RAM, then it is faster, sometimes significantly so. But it is relatively uncommon a use. So more or less, it is so that you can have more applications open without having to use a paging file on the HDD or SSD. RAM is still many figures faster even than an SSD. Not saying you are entirely wrong, but you also aren't correct either.


ik tht the 3770k is better then the 8350 its bassically a 8core i5 3570k.

i was also woundering if i could cross fire a 7950 with a 7970?

that intel  build also looks very nice, especialy that mainboard, i ♥ it haha

about crossfire, i realy have no idea.

Lol wdf no.

but i just stay with my amd build



lol the i5 3570k is a quadcore can do 4 threads

the i7 3770k is a Quadcore with HT can do 8 threads <-- not a real 8 core

the FX8350 is a real 8 core. can also do 8 threads

wenn games gonne be optimized for 6 cores in the futere, then  the i7 is dead, the amd would still do a good job theoraticley, so lets about 3 years games will probabley optimized for 6 cores, then you need to upgrade youre whole intel system.

on the amd cpu you can still play those games, thats why the amd is more future proof. you maybe only need to upgrade a gpu till that time..

but this is only the way im thinking of it, based on nothing!



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbMYV8Djt7k watch the vid it shows y the 3770k is better.