Which build? (AMD vs INTEL)



I am going to build a pc this summer and I was wondering which build was better.



The main differences between the two are the processors and the GPUs. The AMD build has an FX 6350 and the Intel has a 3570k. The AMD cpu is cheaper so i managed to fit in an AMD hd 7950, whereas for the intel build I have a 7870. Which is better for gaming and other real world applications? I don't do much other graphical stuff than gaming. Will either of the CPUs be bottlenecks? I guess i can put some more money into the builds if u guys see necessary but I don't want to spend too much money.

Thanks for your help.

I'm going to have to say the Intel build , from what I've seen , the i5 3570k pretty much dominates the FX-6350 (I could be totally wrong here , I only compared mine and my friends build).

Even though its only a 7870 , its the Ghz Edition so you can overclock it and get some good performance out of it.