Which brand is the best 7870 GHz

I want a 7870 GHz to go with my FX6300 in a new gaming build but which brand is the best?

I've heard people say Saphire and XFX are the best but I need a definitive answer.

Also I plan on over-clocking it so the cooler the better. (noise is not a problem I have noise canceling headphones)

If you are interested here is the build : http://pcpartpicker.com/p/psz2

Sapphire and xfx I have heard they are both good. I would go with the cheaper of the two. Hopefully There are more 7870s on sale tommorow as I want to buy a 7870 myself. 

It's usually just preference, but as you plan to overclock, consider the HIS IceQ, or other brands that don't have reference coolers. Gigabyte's take on the 7870 has its shroud rattling for a lot of the people who bought one, but they say you can just put some tape on the shroud or something.

I can voche for the quality of XFX. There cards are well made and they even replaced mine no questions asked when I busted it in shipping. Not to mention there shrouds are beautiful, all chromed out and shiny.

I just bought a sapphire 7870oc recently, runs cool (61c max) and that's with an ambient room temp of around 25c-30c.

I just oreded a sapphire 7870 today hope it works well.

what card do you have currently?


both Sapphire nd XFX are good companies. But Sapphire only manfucture AMD GPUs and their pricing more pocket friendly in compare to XFX which is more of a over priced premiur product

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