Which anti virus for win 10

hey ive just updated to win 10 and ive installed avast because thats what i was using with win 7 and it worked fine but when i got it on win 10 it was using most of my cpu which was keeping it at ~90% so which is a good one for win 10 for free

I use AVG.

i used to use that but i found out my mums netbook had a virus in it and it had somehow got into avg so it wouldnt detect it

Panda cloud av free,
bitdefender free

I use the built-in windows defender and my built in common sense. 0 viruses/malware thus far

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Yeah. Never had a virus before.

common sense is the best antivirus


the only time i install them,
is for family members machines for generally
they tend to trust any link.

and common sense will tell you different things

As far as free anti-virus, you get what you pay for. Norton, AVG, McAfee, Sophos, Nod, Vipre, Symantec, and Kaspersky, are common providers that run free trials but require a subscription fee for use. Norton is notoriously bloated, and there are too many issues with AVG and McAfee to recommend. For ongoing protection, keep your computer up to date and make sure your firewall is configured correctly, monitor which applications have network connections active. If you aren't going to spend money you can just run MBAM and Avast. Keep backups of your data and an image of the clean system for easy recovery.

yeah but ive been running avast with MBAM on win 7 but when i tried it on win 10 avast use up most the of cpu

What are the specifications of this computer? If your AV is configured correctly it shouldn't be using that percentage of your CPU. Are you sure you want to continue using Win10? I don't think the OS is finished, so your not "Updating" your beta testing!

Any AV will suffice. BUT results may vary on how resource heavy and or annoying the program is. The top ones (paid) are ESET, Kaspersky, Sophos, Panda Cloud. They all do a marvelous job and are not system heavy(important). The free ones, meh. Sophos actually gives a pretty decent free AV version, but it not an active one and only runs scans when you manually do it, although it is good.

What I generally recommend is to use common sense, IN ADDITION, to using malwarebytes, ublock, and https everywhere. You can't just use common sense, anyone that says that... doesn't have enough common sense.

Just look at:
Panda av
trend micro

Most of the free ones run the same engine and are just as good as the paid one just wont have some features like email scanning, id protection. ect

Source 1
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Personally I use ESET Smart Security but NOD32 is also good, Sophos is my secondary preferred. ESET is light on RAM and CPU even when it is scanning automatically or on demand, it doesn't minimize your game and is prized reasonably.

  • McaFee is really good but it's like a bolder on the system, it uses too much of the system's resources.
  • Norton is like a virus, I really don't like it.
  • Kaspersky and AVG are average but I had problems with games, they used to block them or try to clean them. I remember Kaspersky used to report my Logitech's wheel software are malware and AVG blocked randomly ''Games for Windows'' back in good 'ol times.