Which AMD processor is best for game development?

Looking to create games with Unreal Engine 4 looking at 3 different processor.
1 ryzen 7 3700x
2 threadripper 1950
3 threadripper 2920
Not sure which is best to start with?
Gpu will be a Radeon vii

Its older, but its the witch you’re looking for



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good luck with your choice.


Consider 5700XT… Cheaper, about the same gaming performance… Lower power consumption, even the stock cooler is quieter…

No… no no no… It trips over ot’s feet in gaming…

Do you really need all the PCIe lanes?

Think about 3900X… extra cores for background stuff, better in gaming, better in pretty much everything.

Are you a mod now? Bugger me bum…

he is looking for game dev not just gaming, he’ll need threads for compiling all dat c++ and ue4 lighting and shaders and what not.

that said i am no expert in modern cpus or gpus.

as for editing titles, regurals can do it.


A 3900X is gonna outperform a 1950X as well as a 2920X in most use cases with less memory issues and on a way cheaper platform. If it turns out that that is still not enough grunt, you can upgrade to the 16-core later.


Ryzen 3000 are on average about 15-20% faster than the previous 2000 generation. Also 3900X is 12 core 24 threads, but on AM4 instead of the massively expensive Threadripper socket systems…

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Thank you to all who replied. Sorry it took so long to get back I was at work.
3900x out of my price range it’s around $700+ with motherboard. All three cpus I can get for around 500 with motherboard. I just not sure which would be better more cores or a processor I can upgrade later or both? Then there’s quad channel memory and all those pci Lanes for threadripper.🤷

If budget is a concern, it’s AM4 anyway. 3700X it is. But get a solid X470 board like the Taichi so that you have the option to ramp up core count later on. Quad channel is not doing a whole lot and PCIe lanes are fun I guess but … for what?

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Thanks for your reply but I think I AM going to go with 2920x it seems to be the best of both worlds for what I want to do. I know threadripper has a high power draw but I want the 64 + gigs of memory and the pci Lanes for multiple nvme drive s thanks again. :sunglasses:

Did the 2920X 12 core dropped that significantly in price lately?
Also wenn it comes to the motherboards, X399 isnt cheap either.

And it’s more powerhungry, more problematic for ram, much more difficult to cool, have all the issues with internal communications that have been fixed with the 3000 series…

Yeah hopefully AMD comes with new TR sku´s based on Zen2 as well soon.
And would be nice to also see a new motherboard series then.

I would roll the 2920 unless you can afford the New SKUs coming out?

Where are they gonna position a threadripper? The server chips are basically Ryzen 3000 with extra cores. There is no room for threadripper anymore. AMD squeezed them out of the market…

Well i think that there will still be a niché market for HEDT.
Although X570 with pci-e4.0 is nice.
But there are still significant benefits of having a HEDT platform.
And one of them is more expandabillity.

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Motherboard is between 250 and 280 at we’re I am picking it up depends on which motherboard I chose :sunglasses:

Yes of course you can get X399 boards for a good price now days.
Which board do you have in mind?

I don’t think threadripper will die though it works great for work station :sunglasses:

The ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6 or the Gigabyte X399 Aorus Pro