Which AMD Board to Pick?

 Hey guys. I'm about to start building my new Gaming PC. I hope to project goes well but, I've been having my head turn many times on picking which motherboard to put in my rig. It's a really tough decision for me. I might do a little overclocking but, for sure i'm not gonna go extreme. I'm deciding wether or not to use this ASUS MoBo, or a GIGABYTE model. Please help me choose.






I, personally, would shoot for the GIGABYTE GA990FX-A UD3 

My vote is for the M5A board better features and functionality. Even some layout items as well.

The USB 3 header is at the bottom of the board vs a more ideal position next to the 24pin power for your chassis this help to ensure you will actually be able to use the front USB 3 ports.

Additionally the ASMedia 1042 controller is faster the Entron USB controller used on the GB board and that is not even considering that the ASUS boards offers UASP support for considerbly faster throughput.

Fan Controller functionality is superior on the ASUS board with more granular manual control with the UEFI as well as the OS.

The Digital PWM and VRM design alot for alot of control flexibility for performance tunign the board and ensuring great stability when overclocking. With a solid cooler that offer good performance ( like a Hyper 212+ or EVO ) you can easily be looking at between 3.8 to 4.0GHz all cores. Of course you go more but if you are looking for an increase that is healty bump up ( keep in mind as an exampe the 8100 is a 2.8GHz-3.1GHz max Turbo frequnecy ) so jumping to 3.8 to 4.0GHz is a healthy bump.

Additionally the UEFI overall has been tuned for a great level of comptability, interoprability and fluidity.

If you have any questions let me know. Hope this helps. Please enjoy the rest of your day!

it depends on youre needs, what you wanne do with it..? and how much video cards you gonne install and do go for crosefire or sli?

What i wanne to say is.. do you need de 990FX chipset? the only difference is that  990fx chipsets  support both sli or crosefire setup..

If you gonne work with a single video card, and  its an Ati radeon, then you can also go for the much cheaper Asus M5a97 evo r2.0.

It has the same fuetures as the 990FX pro but only has the 970 chipset, only supports crosfire setup. but  is cost allmost half the price of a 990 fx chipset board :)

grtz kira


Neither of those are particularly good regarding performance or overclocking, but out of those 2 i would say the Asus Board


I'd also shoot for the asus. To start, it's a beautiful looking board. Asus also makes good quality stuff. 

I am very happy with my asus M5A97 r2.0 fx-6300 running fine at 4.2ghz

i would not say that Asus makes good quality stuff as their lower end boards are absolutely horrible and they have the highest failure rate out of any manufacturer

just that some of their midrange and high end boards are good, and gigabyte seems to be riding off reputation for this generation

i do not realy like Gigabyteboards i don´t know why, i once had one, and only missery..

i had an AsRock once and it was crappy to 

My best experiance with mainbords are Asus and MSi

i have my first amd  computer, and i choose for an Asus M5A97 evo r2.0. with all settings on automatic, this mainbord clocks my FX-8350 at 4.2 ghz.

the reason i choose for this board, is  cause of the fuetures it has, and i use a single graphic card 7870. so i didn´t need the much more expensive 990 fx chipset..

by the way msi has an nice  990fx board to the Msi 990FXA-GD80

 MSI 990FXA-GD80

"i would not say that Asus makes good quality stuff as their lower end boards are absolutely horrible and they have the highest failure rate out of any manufacturer"

Not sure where this comes from but the quality of our boards are solid for entry , midrange and enthuiast and the comment on failure rate is false. Examples of our focus of providing high quality designs are evident when analysis is completed.

"just that some of their midrange and high end boards are good, and gigabyte seems to be riding off reputation for this generation"

I am not going to play the game of vendors trashing other vendors a product should speak for itself. What is fact though is GB had serious issues even have correct LLC support  for their AM3+ launch due to inconsistenties in there design and UEFI. There is a reason AMD has continually selected ASUS as its partner for the launch of FX based CPU as we have continually spent the most effort to ensure compatibility, performance and great overclocking.

The development we also have done on the highend has also directly benefitted all our boards ( Mainstream series, TUF series ). The  PWM and VRM design and base UEFI are shared this means the M5A series, TUF series and ROG series all have a consistent level of performance. This is part of why we shifted to a consistent UEFI and PWM design across all boards to ensure better consistency and quality of experience for users.

A key example is Digital design which started on ROG series and has not phased it's way into all of our segements - Mainstream, TUF, WS and ROG. Interesting also if you looked at some vendors who just last generation said their Analog designs were better but have switched now to digital.

Lastly the M5A Series has no issues overclocking and can provide a great value for anyone looking for solid OC scaling and great features. I have attached a screen showing OC on an 8350 which i dialed in within 5 mins and left running no issues. Full CPU and Memory load and GPU load all running.


Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL]

If there are any other questions I can awnser or clarify let me know. Hope this helps! Enjoy the rest of your day.

you right as i said for me, amd or intel i dont care but the mainbord, i prefer, only Asus or Msi

in this case  the Asus M5A99FX pro is a good board, and the Msi i posted above looks nice and solid to.


I would rather that Asus board than the MSI

+1 go for the Asus MA99FX pro rev 2.0 :)