Which AM4 chipset?

I think keeping around the old machine “for a little bit” is fine, especially if you can plug in a USB stick to it to transfer that remaining few things that you wound up needing. Interestingly, that’s the reason why I have a 128 GiB USB stick - it was a full $12 more than the 32 GiB stick, so I figured it was worth the price. Then used all of about 200 MB of it :wink:

I am on my new system !

Fixed chrome, firefox and their millions of passwords, bookmarks, addons. Installed office. Transfered 60gb of desktop items. Ran winutil. Activated. Installed steam and supreme commander.

Now i just gotta attach external disks and then on a daily basis see what else i gotta fix.

Win 11 doesn’t seem as bad as i expected. Right click menu is dumb. Everything is extra unintuitive. How anyone thought settings is a better idea than old control panel is beyond me. Changing any setting is disaster. But other than that … i think i will get used to it.

As a side note. My win 8.1 on i5 2500k was still mostly faster or as fast as this system. When i change a setting in bios and save/restart, it takes 4 times as much time to show me a logo. Windows loading is few seconds, same as it was before. Opening apps obviously is faster, extracting, installing, so thats a big plus. Still, a big shame on MS and hardware vendors. For every % of hardware performance they add 0.8% bloat to hinder it. MonkeyS.

This is really stressfull. I feel like i have nothing else to give. I will just attach external drives and go to sleep. Whops. Hibernate :smiley:

Time to go dark blue side?

Of course you are always welcome to join the dark side (Linux Console) too, the cookies over here are amazingly tasty :drooling_face:

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Hehe, i just might in the future if things continue to go south as they do.

System is faster than my old system, no doubt about that, opening pages, opening apps.

Right now i am trying to make this look as similar to 8.1 as i can. Mainly changing colors. Simple things like how big icons on desktop are … something is off. Probably changed it by a freakin milimeter but its tripping me completely. Im used to aranging icons and knowing that 5x5 number of icons takes this much space. Its amazing what using the same OS install for 13 years can do to u. For instance i cant get the shade of green to the same level as it was before and its killing me. I never knew i was a color snob because im practicaly blind to this things. Or so i thought.

Anyway, i will get used to it. But i swear i am not moving away from this windows install for at least 10 years and i dont care if security updates cease and i get hacked everyday. Seriously. Its like i woke up with a different body. I dont care if it’s an athlete’s body, i want my old broken bones back ! xD

There are still some things that piss the bejesus out of me.

I am transfering all files from my old SSD into a folder on my new SSD. And it is taking hours and hours. Partly because it keeps asking me for permission even though i obviously have permission since i only click try again and it succeds. And what kind of permissions i need, its my gear, i can do what i want. And since im copying from external disk to random folder outside windows on my OS partition, it should just copy. And then when its not asking me for permission for the 1000th time, it just stops. Like seen on image. No hardware is doing anything so i have no idea whats going on. Seriously, just let me do my own thing.

Are you copying a folder in particular? Is it your user folder? If you are transferring system files you are better off cloning the drive.

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Powershell copy?

It does suck that you need to resort to text based UIs in 2024 though, what is this? Linux? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, i wanna copy everything from my old disk, that means including windows folder. I mean for heavens sakes, it will not allow me to copy folder named cygwin64. Infact, i cant even open this folder. And im a freakin administrator. I understand that windows would prevent me to tinker in the windows folder of the current windows install. But accessing files on external hard drive, i should be able to do whatever the f* i want

Folder permissions carry over even if copied to an external drive. Windows sees a “copied” file as a “duplicate”.

Just to clarify. The external drive is SSD with windows 8.1 installed on it - it used to be my main drive. Now i use a different pc, with nvme and windows 11 installed. I am trying to copy all files from that old ssd to my new nvme. And for some reason i cant even access some folders. I am admin. But i have to manualy change ownership and then set permission. Which takes time and a couple of tries. Very dumb. Never had similar problem in windows 8.1. If i attached an external drive with whatever files, i could do what i wanted with them (as should be)

I understand that, and logically that IS how it SHOULD work, but I dealt with the exact same problem moving from Windows XP Professional to Windows 7 over a decade ago. It’s whatever Microsoft decides to put in the header of a drive formatted within Windows. There’s a workaround in Linux to recover data, but if we’re staying in Windows, you have to alter Permissions. This is a Windows problem entirely and Microsoft will not fix it, because in their eyes it’s not broken, so yes, you will have to run through a lot of hoops.

Search “take ownership in windows” on Google and even the AI crap still gives the correct method. TO BE CLEAR! This is NOT something that should be used all the time. Period.

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Ok i solved some of the things by taking ownership of the folders and sub folders and then giving me rights (which is a bit like someone saying i am not giving u a key to my home, but if u need it its under the blanket). Then i still had issues with some files. Spent some time with it and it seems some files are just not allowed to do anything with.

On my old C: drive i had a folder named offline. Judging by the date it was made in 2013 when i installed the windows. It has like 12GB of data and i am only allowed to copy like 250MB. I tried everything i could with permissions. It says i have permission but then i get 0x80070780 error. If its windows critical data and i was still using my old system, i would understand that it wont allow me to tinker with its files. But im not on that system now. What pisses me off is that new windows will not allow me to touch previous system windows folders lol.

Its ok, i dont need windows files anyway. Hopefuly i dont need anything since most my stuff was on desktop. I will still make a disk clone just to be sure i dont miss something in the future. And a big kick in the nuts to whoever at MS is doing this. My windows 11 is installed on C:. I am trying to copy files from freakin G:. If i plug disk as external, i am the owner and i have all the rights. Jesus.

I realize that I sounded harsh and dismissive before and I’m sorry. There’s no excuse for that. Ever.

You should be able to use any Linux Live-CD (Ubuntu is without a doubt the easiest) with that drive connected (even via USB) and gain access to that specific folder, then move it to another agnostic drive/USB stick.

I know that it’s frustrating, and I’m sorry. I genuinely wish that I could be there to help you in person.

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This sounds like you have corrupt sectors on the drive. Sorry to say, but your files might be damaged beyond repair in that case. Try to figure out if you can recover anything in other ways, like downloading again from the internet.


No, you’re not. If the drive is formatted as NTFS the OS is obliged to follow all the regular FS/OS level permissions. There is (and should) be no differentiation between a drive plugged into SATA and a drive plugged into USB in that regard.

There is more to Windows administrator/group permission levels that “I am an admin”. You can have an account with administrative privileges, you can run in an elevated context, and then there’s SYSTEM level permissions.

You didn’t specify whether it’s a system folder or your own folder. If it’s system, it’s pretty likely it’s just using NTFS features you’re not aware of, likely linking to files that existed on your old system, but no longer exist on your new one.
Also, MS frequently uses Directory Junctions and hardlinks within their folder structures, something to be aware of. Which is why you frequently see folders with unhealthily large sizes, or why some sizes just don’t add up in the end.
(C:\Windows\WinSxS comes to mind). They may even be using NTFS features us pleb have no business knowing, so there’s that.

In general I’d never try to copy C:\Windows ever. I’d maybe do an image if needed.

Yeah, offline was most likely made by windows so its a windows folder.

Just to clarify. I am only making a copy so in case i need something in the future i can access it directly from new pc. Who knows what i put in windows folders in 11 years time. Maybe some file i will sometime need and it can no longer be found online.

Judging from the answers it might be easiest to just make a disk clone. Still, i wish i had all the files in a folder or maybe an .iso, so that when i need to check something, i just mount an ISO and browse to the folder of my choice.

A bonus question. When i have a program opened i see its icon in taskbar. Thats normal. I click it i minimise the program. Click again, it comes up again. Normal.

But when i hover that icon with my mouse, it shows me an annoying little preview of the program right above taskbar icon. It’s super annoying and useless to me. Im a control freak - i know everything, i dont need a preview. Whats even worse, if i got 3 folders opened, now when i hover with my mouse over that taskbar icon, i get 3 freakin previous.

I followed the guide, disabled all options and restarted my pc. It’s still there.