Which AM4 board do you have? Are you happy?

I currently have ht MSI b350 tomahawk and I can easily clock up to 3.9Ghz and 1.35v with the R7 1700, so I am pretty happy with that. I also can go much higher than that but I am still on the stock cooler and I don't want to come close to 80°C.

The onboard gpu doesn't seem to work, the 1 and 3 ramslots don't work at all, it takes around 24 seconds to boot to the bios. I currently can't go higher than DDR-4-2132, even it I force it to 3200.

There is non.


Someone missed the memo that Ryzen CPUs don't have an integrated graphics unit...

The Display Outs are there for future proofing since the coming APUs will be using AM4 Socket as well.

I thought that was common knowledge :P

What do you mean with the RAM slots not working "at all"? Are the sticks not recognized? If they aren't showing at all it might be a defective unit. Ryzen is a little picky with RAM speeds currently, but the sticks should show at least.

Even that circled text is kinda misleading... Not sure how one would go about stuffing a 7th Gen in there, since they are AM1 and FM2+ sockets? Not sure which ones exactly, I kinda missed out on the whole APU thing... (also aren't technically all the Intels also APUs...?)

The CPU Support list from ASRock might answer your question:

Yeah, but those aren't out yet, right? Gotta be honest, I haven't followed the Generation numbering... still rocking my 1090T :)

The A12-9800 is currently only to be found in OEM machines.

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I thought some boards would have an onboard chip, I didn't even think that it was only for actual APU's. I only read

Integrated AMD Radeon™ R Series Graphics in the 7th Generation A-Series APU

I thought that there would be some on board APU. (This is from the Asus b350 not MSI). Would have been nice because I wasn't getting any video output because ram slot 1 and 3 don't work at all and I wasn't sure if my GPU was broken.

The debug LEDs are lit for CPU and DRAM when you use the ram slot 1 and 3 and it doesn't even boot into the bios. I think this is a know bug, at least everyone that I talked to had the same problem.

Hm well, according to the manual those LEDs are when the specific component isn't detected, in this case the CPU and RAM.

I assume you already updated the BIOS? And the CPU LED is off when you use slots 2 and 4?

Also, in the manual it states that RAM is to go into DIMMA2 and DIMMB2 in 2-stick configs, so it's not a bug, it's a feature. Why on earth they went with the slot 2 is beyond me though.

/edit: just to be clear, I don't own this board (I was planning to go with the Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5 if I build a new PC eventually), just what I'm reading :)

There is no bios update so far and I already have the "newest" version which has a build from 15/02/2017. I think that everyone currently has some quirks with their AM4 board though.

Uh, latest BIOS for the Tomahawk is from 01.03. (at least on the website, might have been built earlier): https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B350-TOMAHAWK.html#down-bios

Nevermind, brainlag... Ryzen release was 02.03. :D