Which AM3+ Motherboard for my FX 8350?

I only have two choices at the moment:

Asus SABERTOOTH-990FX-R2 AMD Mainboard - AM3+ $205.00


Gigabyte GA-990FXA-D3 Mainboard - AM3+ $145.00

Why only choose between those two boards? There's many different featuers between the two boards and $60. The Asus is obviously overall a better motherboard.

The place where I'm buying my parts from doesn't have any other available AM3+ motherboards.

Do you really need SLI / Crossfire support, that what drives the price high here, you could get a card for around $80 withouth SLI, and still get all the basic features.

I would go for sabertooth if you had the money, 5 year warranty and extra features that come with it, are really nice.

For my AMD 8350 build I'm getting a Gigabyte UD5 mobo. Gigabyte has very high quality mobo's, same for Asus. Get whichever you like better, there's basically no difference in the features to be honest.

Asus boards are great, but are generally more expensive. I love the solid black Gigabyte boards, though. Get what you can afford.

If you aren't planning on having dual gpu's that are Nvidia, then you can get the Gigabyte 970a for under $100.

The Gigabyte GA-990FXA-D3 would be the better board for the money. The Sabertooth is superior, but unless you'll be doing some really high overclocking (something like 5.0GHz), it isn't really worth the extra 60$. 

in this case i would say the gigabyte just for the price diffrence