Which 7970?

what 7970 should I get what brand how many GB 3gb or 2 you know for skyrim HD and mods I will be getting 16gb ram as well I play other games to thank you

Do they even make 2gb 7970's? And get XFX or Sapphire, XFX has a lifetime warranty and both brands are pretty damn nice.

16 gb is for gaming superoverkill, and 3 or 2 gb for GPU is based on what you do. If you use multimonitorsetup, than 3 gb would be something to consider.

they make 3GB 7970's

I heard if you play skyrim with HD lots of mods it eats up your 2GB on card and then RAM

 Well, that's something speciall. Then you will probably need it, I guess :p 

It's usually a good idea to get as much VRAM as you can afford. Not to be outdone by the GTX Titan, Sapphire has released a rather expensive ($600+) Radeon HD 7970 with 6GB of VRAM. It's severely overpriced, but it has a ton of VRAM.

yea but would a 8GB usb drive with ready boost solve the v-ram issue