Which 7970?


I am almost done with my build, I just need to order the board, ram and video card. The only problem is I am hung up on which 7970 to go with.  The XFX comes out like 15.00 cheaper than the HIS after rebate, is clocked higher, and has a lifetime warranty. The HIS is what Logan used in his 1,300 build, seems to have a more robust cooler, looks nicer, but only has a 2 year warranty. I plan on gaming, going crossfire at some point, and learning to OC on this system. Which one would you go with?





Current Build:http://pcpartpicker.com/p/vuFg

I would look into both of those cards warranty properly as most likely the moment you touch the clock speeds the cards warranty will be void. The other tricky thing thaey can do is say they have a lifetime warranty but then describe a lifetime as say one year.

I would go for the card with the better warranty. If you plan to O/C you should probably look into aftermarket coolers.

Thanks for the input. *edit* Going with the HIS. Doing a bit more research it seems to have better temps.


I have 2 of the HIS cards and they are amazing current running 1150 core clock, 1700 memory clock on stock voltage and they won't go above 76c

Thats what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the input.