Which 7870?

I am looking at an amd 7870 gpu in my new computer build.  Im not sure which one to get, asus direct cu2, xfx, his iceQ, sapphire, or any other.  Id like some feedback on which one to buy (less than $250)

under $250 eh? pick up a 7870 XT, it'll peform better than other 7870s but still be in your budget

ive got a HiS Radeon 7870 GHZ edition

Nice thing aboutthis card is, it hasnt realy a spectacular name, but is very well overclockable, i see benchens where it performs very close to a stock 7970. :)

Asus 7870 ghz edition. Or XFX but I prefer asus.

The HIS counterpart is around $290 now, ridiculous, but if it was in your pricerange i'd definitely recommend it.

i bought it for about 224 euro

all those 7870 ghz cards where about 220 euro in Netherlands that time, i dont know how much it is in dollars, but 290 seems to be alot :).

i tought i saw this card on new egg for about 239 dollar

Gigabyte HD7870 OC 3x ---- An OC'd Ghz edition HD7870 with THREE 80mm fans for less than $250. Check Micro Center's online offer. Or MSI Hawk edition if you can find it on sale. I'd go for the MSI Hawk edition over the ASUS DCUII.