Which 4K monitor is better? Crossover 289K or the YAMAKASI M280PU

I'm very interested in purchasing one of these monitors.

YAMAKASI M280PU Price on ebay is on sale for $269 - (http://www.ebay.com/itm/401073660255)

Cons: Only HDMI 1.4a
4:4:4 or 4:2:2 (unknown)

Crossover 289k - Price on ebay is $335 (http://www.ebay.com/itm/121807192234)
HDMI 2.0
4:4:4 and IPS Panel display with low latency


Any advice on which to choose would be great. I'm thinking the Crossover 289k....

Having come from TN panels that were given to me and then finally buying my own IPS monitors I don't ever want to go back. Especially if I had the two side by side.

If it you won't be looking back and forth from the monitors the yamakasi is on sale right now. Although it has removed and added the sale back just a couple of days ago ( I was looking at it.)

I will always buy an IPS though. They just look so good. As far as I know you need a radeon card or a firepro/quadro card to get the advantage of the 10bit color depth.

That crossover is looking mighty sexy to me right now.

Could always save a bit more and get one of the $500 LG 4k displays that are IPS with Free-sync

also why wouldn't you just use display port? If you use HDMI 2.0 you have to make sure you have a 2.0 compliant cable

I went ahead and bought them both. I will try them out and keep the one I think is best and sell the other. Hopefully won't lose any money doing it this way.

Unfortunately the Laptop I have does not have a display port or a mini display port. I will be getting a new laptop at the end of the year so for now I will need to use HDMI. It does have a Skylake i7 6th Gen intel chip with onboard Intel Graphics 530 and also an Nvidia GTX 960m. The laptop itself has a 4k display, so hooking it up to a 4k external monitor will be seamless..

Hi @Didacticoz7
Did you get delivery of the monitors?
First impressions?
Favorite panel?
How they working for you?