Which 4GB 380 / 380x card is the best for money

I see obvious differences in benchmarks between the 380 and 380x on YouTube I decided I'm going to buy a 380x question is which one. Then I came across this:


Which is cheaper and has almost identical specs as this (which is a 380x) :


I'm sure there is a slight difference between the two but is it an obvious one? If it is, which 380x model that's available out there should I choose?

Computer specs:
8Gb ddr4 ram
Full HD 1080p display
4690k cpu
MSI Z97S krait edition motherboard

I want my games to remain at around or above 60hz.

Thanks in advance.

There's about a 15-20% performance difference that you could most likely OC to compensate for, but at stock the 380X trades blows with a 290. I'd say the difference is well worth it. You can OC the 380X and it will kick ass in comparison to a 380.

380X is more powerful than 380...

Performance per dollar 380 wins... Pure performance 380X outperforms 380 in everything... This is why the price is higher

You mean DDR3?

I would go with the 380x personally.

The 380x is the better one having 2048 stream processors to 1792 in the 380 and being clocked higher by 30mhz. Small differences but over all better.

Yep DDR3, apologies for the mistake and thanks for the recommendation.

20%? Those small differences in spec really make a difference in performance.
Many thanks psycho_666, Zibob and cosaga

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I forgot to say I am going to chose the 380x now. xD

if you can get a sapphire card they are usally more quiet and cooler then any other board partners

I was going to recommend the R9 390 for only 50 quid more but depends on if your psu and wallet can handle the extra load. Definitely worth the investment, there still seems to be a large gap in performance between the two, r9 380X and r9 390. Like @ninja85a said sapphire is a good choice and I've had good luck on gigabyte cards,too.
If your limit is 200-ish then go for the r9 380X there is only a 20 price difference, in the States it seems like it's about 80$ difference.
I'm assuming your using for Windows. Are there any benchmarks with the r9 380X on Linux with new drivers? A similar chip, same # of stream processors and compute cores, was previously used on on the R9 M295X for Apple's 5K iMac. Does that bode well for OpenGL performance?

Im using windows 7 x64, From looking at one of those online calculators I should have around 50w remaining when I have that graphics card plugged in. I don`t really have a price limit, but the bigger it is, the longer it will take for me to get the card so I decided to go with a 380 /380x card.

One question, has anyone previously purchased parts from amazon? Is it a good idea? safe? Do these things get shipped in packaging that ensure the card wont get damaged? It appears the sapphire 380x is out of stock on the website I was going to buy it from and they dont have a date for when it will be in stock again.

I might even consider looking at gigabytes version of the 380x then

Thanks for the help

But arent the 390's going on sale soon?
Maybe worth to wait?
Anyway Sapphire, or Msi would be good choices.

In the States Amazon's good haven't had any issues with RMA with them. I've ordered an asrock z97 mitx motherboard, gtx 660 gigabyte, a mitx case, ram, and other parts over the past few years. Not sure how they are in UK. The only issue I have with them is that the packages arrive towards the end of the window but that depends on where you live.

The PSU calculators are a good starting point but show the limits wattage usage of the components, a worst case scenario. If you have a 1080p monitor the 390 won't be pushed to the high TDP or wattage and you could limit the FPS through Radeon software to keep the usage down also. For example a1080p card, r9 380, will use more power running a game at 1080p as a 1440p card, r9 390, running at the same quality and fps.

My problem is I wont be able to purchase a card until mid January. I wonder if the prices will stay this low on newegg for these GPUs, or is it just for black friday and cyber monday?


I appreciate your help, Thank you.

i can´t realy say.
It might verywell be a permanent price drop.

According to this topic: https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/amd-drops-the-prices-of-the-r9-300-series-gpus/92115

If these rumors are true, and the 390´s going to drop as low as $260,- permanently.
That would be crazy.
But it could also be that it was just for black friday and cyber monday ofc.

I can't confirm that. I did mention that in the thread. none of the articles I found that talk about the price drops state it's permanent but I do believe it will be.

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Yeah i know, it would be awesome, if its permanent.

Thats funny, Things in the UK arrive at the start of the window. Where I live in the UK anyway. Thanks for telling me about setting limits in the radeon software, I wouldn't have noticed myself. I guess I can use this to lower the heat, meaning I can overclock it even more since its set to 60fps/hz.

Or I think I can.

Also the 380x was the only thing that didn't get a price drop. which is expected since it's new. however at this very moment, the 380x is too dangerously close the price of the 390 right now.

I was just going to say that.

Looks like I will be shopping from newegg now.