Whered did all the space on my C drive go?

Anyone got any ideas why when I select all the files in my C drive it says that theyre only taking up 42GB but The drive says I'm using up 102GB... thats a very big discrepancy that I have yet to account for.

I'd guess page file and back ups.

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There's a bunch of hidden files and directories that sit at the root of C. Things like your hiberfile, recycle bin, swap file, etc. Also, you won't be able to view the size of files you don't have access to.

You can use WinDirStat to see where all that space is going.


Try Spacesniffer.
Gives you an overvew of what is taking up space on your drive.

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Thank you guy very much! WinDirStat made it make total sense. 20GB of it was hiberfil.sys, 7GB pagefile, local files for autodesk stuff, and finally 32GB of it was due to halo 5 forge.... I hate that windows 10 doesnt show its apps in the file explorer, even if they were greyed out and untouchable Id like to SEE them so its easier to know when to move them.


While you're at it might as well clear out your temp folder if you don't do it often. Probably not your cause though.

Temp is only a few MB so not too worried about it yet. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep an eye on it ever now and then.

Give the free version of CCleaner from Piriform a go. It can clean out your HDD, find big files etc.