Where to start?

Hello, I am in need guidance and answers. I have a few problems, one of them being a older, slower laptop. This creates other problems like not being able to play games. The solution to this problem seems to be to build a better desktop. Yet again, I run into another problem. I don't know how to build a gaming rig. The solution; ask for help!

I have little experience, and want to learn. How do I start a choosing parts for a build? I don't want to buy parts that are overkill (don't need to spend over $300 on a CPU for gaming...right?). Is it better to follow another build, or try to make my own?

My budget for a gaming rig is $500-$1000. I enjoy playing mmorpg games (Guild Wars 2 atm) and other multiplayer games with my friends (enjoying Trine 2 and Magicka now), but recently my old laptop has been laggin behind, and I know its time for an update. 

I have a few questions, would you need a new mouse, or keyboard with this build? and what about a monitor or monitors do u have them or need them included in the build?  also do u need a os? if u dont need a os http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1hnde is the build im personally looking at doing.  can change out ssd for os, but if $1000 is max for just tower its a good build.  

Well there are many tutorials on youtube to teach you how to build a computer. It's not that hard, think of it as big lego pieces (very expensive pieces).

Im not sure if you have any preferences with parts. So you should answer this Q&A first.


Those are some really important questions in that thread as some of it is personal choice. Other things are cases and the like. 

This is an example of what you could build that would probably keep up with MMO's. http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/1hxJo This build assumes you are starting from scratch and have nothing.

Or maybe ever wait for logans video on the next gen console killer. That will only be about 300 - 400 USD and will definetly be capable of MMO's.

I hop this helps.

I was just looking at a tower for now. That build you posted looks good, but is it possible to switch out some parts to lower down the cost? I was just wondering, but that build does fit my budget. 

I love legos!

Anyways, here is a bit more information (just going from the Q&A)

  • Budget: $1000 (live in USA)
  • No need for new peripherals (for now)
  • Will be using it for Gaming (mostly mmorpgs)
  • I want to get into overclocking 
  • I need a new OS
  • For Gaming, want to play at least Medium settings

If you need more information, just ask.

Thanks for replying

i ended comming back and made a cheaper build, i added, a os, i put windows 8 professional.  i changed the processor to a amd fx 8350, and got a smaller ssd, to save alittle http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1hLr1 with out the os, this build is around a $230 cheaper then the first one, wih the os its down $100 but includes the os can change os to save some extra money.  

get a thermaltake nic C5 cooler, same price as dark knight, better, no ram clearance issue, and has support for 230w cpus

on newegg


also 6970 almost always beats 7850 and is $160 on newegg


for the case get an nzxt tempest 410, it is one of the easiest first time builder cases, it is worth it.





The 7850 is a better choice, whilst the 6970 is faster at stock its junk for overclocking, while the 7850 is a nice card to overclock (better of buying a factory clocked card btw) and when it is over clocked it hammers a heavily clock 6970.

The 7xxx card imo is a better choice for the above reason along with newer tech (more efficiency) along with its longjevity, there will be support for the 7xxx series long after the 6xxx series (things like Xfire and so on)


tempest 410 is better than corsair 300 series for a first time builder

410 also has over an inch behind motherboard

HIS has made so amazing radeon 7000s series on par if not better than ASUS's


Thermaltake nic C5 will allow him to overclock much higher than a hyper, C5 beats dark knight which is on par with the h100


700w leaves more room for overclocking