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I am a junoir in high school and i want to pursue a career in cyber security what could I do to help start now.
Sorry if i posted this in the wrong category. i am a intern at my high school for iT


Prepare to test for certificates like sec+ net+ and a+

Ask your school it department what they have and advice on how to get it.

I’m in college doing the same thing and it’s seems that certs>degree but having both is best.


Depends on what you’re doing. For work with US Gov, CompTIA seems to be a positive requirement, i’m not sure id go near them until your in a job or about to go for them as they require renewal.

Cyber security is also pretty broad, there’s various areas of work you can do.

What interests you?


correction for @kewldude007
certs >> AA
If you wanted to get your BS though you have options such as Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Computer Engineering, ect.


It really depends on what your post-highschool plans are. If you’re planning on doing full time college for a BS and taking summer sessions, I wouldn’t start looking at certs until you want to do an internship. If your courses end up modeled after certs like UMUC does, you might as well get certs you pass the class for if they’re within your price range. I’d skip the A+, unless you really think you’re going to get a desktop tech position. If you pass the Sec+, the CEH doesn’t cover too much else, but requires work experience. If you pass the SSCP, you can pass the CASP.


This part if really important. How it works in my field of software development is that your grades and classes get your internships and your internships get you full time positions.


i would like to get into a area of computers that makes money but i am not very proficient in math iv’e been working on physical hardware since i was 14 but that dosen’t make much and i would like to go farther