Where to start with programming?

for years now I've been wanting to make my own programmes because there seems to be a few things only I want to do. I have found a few that do what I want but lack the features I want so I feel the time has come to make my own but I've never known where to start??


I have set out some goals of what I want to achieve with it but I want to take it slow like make one feature and make it well before adding more to it.

Basic idea of what I've came up with so far to give you a general idea and maybe help identify what languages I should be looking at.

What do I want it to do?

I want it to download/scrape images from Booru type sites and artist sites e.g Pixiv, neiji, tanami, etc...

built in image browser/viewer if I can't find one that suits my needs or does what I want.

image viewing via web interface and apps naturally pass code secured maybe something akin to 2 step

possible features

File conversion

printing prep e.g posters and foam board.

Batch. Start playing with some batch files and making some basic scripts. Its a really simple kind of programming, but it should be a good step towards learning more complicated language.

Yes, that's a good idea. I've also heard many programmers recommend JavaScript as the first language to learn and I tend to agree with them. I's quite newbie friendly and yet quite powerful if you know how to use it later.  

Batch is a good place to start, but it doesn't take long to be ready to move on from batch.  Personally I would say batch for a week or two and then ether move on to python and then c++ or c++ and then python. the c++ for dummies book may be something you want to pick up too, if they have one for python I would also suggest that. 


But yeah batch then c++ and python or python and c++.  I've coded in visual basic, c#, java, javascript, c, c++, html, assembly, python, batch scripting, bash scripting, ruby on rails, lolcode, and I think thats about all of them.  For beginners its usually best to start with something simple(like batch) and move on to something slightly harder like python or c++(the really advanced c++ may not be ideal for beginners but at the beginning ts fairly easy to pick up and get started).

i started with visual basic 6  and made a calculator then gave up and that was in college 3 years ago