Where to source LCD's for HP LA2306X

I just walked out of my bedroom to notice a monitor I had picked up recently had gotten knocked over. In panic, I plugged it in and found the screen shattered (my brother is getting an ass whoop in 5 minutes).

I’d really like to use this thing as I just payed 75 bucks for it off craigslist. Since they all seem to be going for about that, is it possible for me to find another one of the same screen and plop it in? Where would I look?


If you wanna risk it. Alibaba for purchase. Panelook.com to find the panel specs.

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How should I search for it? Put the LCD model in, or the monitor itself?

I only ask because mostly phone screens pop up.

LCD panel #

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I wonder if I could get a 4K screen and a different controller…

That would be nice. Would have to make sure it mounts well inside the chassis.