Where to place thermal probe?

I've recently bought some 2 pin thermal probes for use with my motherboard, and I'd like to monitor the VRM temperatures in particular. However, I'm unsure as to where would be best to place the sensors. I've seen suggestions such as the backside of the motherboard as well as underneath the heatsink, as well as on the side of one of the VRM as well. Any suggestions on what would be the best way to approach this?

I would probably go with on the side of one of the vrm. At least it makes sense in my head to monitor one and assume they are all about the same. I would pick one in the middle of others as opposed to an outside one.

That's what I was thinking as well, would be easier to tuck the cable away as well! But the only issue i have now is the means of attaching it. Something like aluminum tape wont work because it's conductive, electrical tape sounds like a bad plan, superglue seems viable but a pain in the ass/messy and very permanent solution. Any thoughts here?

Hot glue.

Hot glue, a small piece of duct tape, thin double-sided tape (the latter might affect the reading just slightly though, but not by too much)

ok, this might be stupid but with hot glue wouldnt the glue, well, melt? once the VRM heat up? or is the melting point higher? The duct tape option is definitely more accessible to me right now, not sure there's a hot glue gun in the dorm period and i know I dont have one

That was my first idea too, but Wikipedia says:

Glue guns come in low-temperature and high-temperature (hot-melt) versions. Low-temperature glue guns operate at approximately 120 °C (248 °F) and are well suited when high temperatures are undesirable, such as gluing lace and cloth. High-temperature guns operate at approximately 190–210 °C (374–410 °F) and produce a stronger bond. Dual Temperature guns have a switch for both low- and high-temperature use.

So it depends on the glue and gun I guess?