Where to learn programming?

I bet you get this question a lot but I've tried some of the options that people have mentioned and I don't really like them. I've tried codeacademy and I tried watching thenewboston but all his stuff is very old. Does anyone have any other way to learn Java, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, C-Sharp, etc?

Do you mind telling us what is it exactly that you want to do? Just to get all the junk out of the way first..

What are your goals?

Well my current goal is to make Android apps and Minecraft mods. I know I need to know java for that. I also want to learn and use the other languages for other projects, not sure what yet though. 

I hate to sound like the standard response person, but school. I've learned basic C++ and basic Verilog (engineering) and really its hard to learn from a book. If you're going to teach yourself find a good college textbooks, i cant recommend any because you don't want verilog, and the c++ book for my college was basically a pamphlet. You might be able to find some good videos on youtube but i have yet to find any but ill watch the thread cause id love to see some videos myself.


free path (hard and tedious):  MIT & Standford  online courses and also coursera

premium path(quicker): Lynda.com (right now I don't have anything else in mind).

books are boring, I give you that but they are the most comprehensive, I don't know of a free online course right now that uses java to teach but a non free one I would recommend lynda.com, see if you are starting to learn programming you have many options but they are hard because they are mostly online courses from MIT, Standford and the like...they are too much to handle if you are not up to the challenge....and as for the stuff for being old they are mostly the basics which havent changed all that much through the life of the languages, for example the hello world in both Java, C++ will be the same any where you look. so when you start it will be the old stuff and then later you will get to the new stuff...of course for a language like C++ because it had a major release in 2011 you can find some stuff that (I will help you look if you want) will start with the new and cool stuff.

YouTube videos. I just started learning C++ and everything I know is from here http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6A2B9G_y-fzAXEu2hHPlMg

Start at tutorial 1 and work from there. Turn on captions because he is Hungarian and sometimes he says something wrong, but has it correct in the captions.

Nice find. I'll subscribe so I give my self a brain overload one day and have a mental break down.

Edit: Wanted to share this for the people that would rather read.