Where to Learn JavaScript

So i am applying for the computer maintenance program at my high school. In the case I get in (only 4 spaces available 10 people applied) I would like to get a small jump on the coding part of the class.


We will be learning the basics of JavaScript and Html. I am wondering where the best place to go to learn the basics of JavaScript online is. The first semester will be mostly hardware related which thankfully I already have knowledge over thanks to this great website and many others like it.

I would start with codecademy.

I forget off the top of my head but some of the high level universities offer free tech classes. I think mostly programming. 

Open your browser :

Right click one something then click inspect element .

Once the inspector is open click on -> console

Once you are there at the bottom you can type things like  : var IamAwesome = true

then you can type : IamAwesome       //and it will tell you if you are awesome or not.