Where to go from here

Ok, so I just did some upgrades to my machine this weekend and was looking for opinions on where to go next. Should I sit and wait for newer stuff to drop like SATA-E or nicer M.2 drives? Or is there some weakness in this setup that I need to address first?

My machine as of right now is this:

CPU - i5 4670K @ 4.6 GHz

CPU Cooler - CM Glacer 240L

Motherboard - Asrock Z97 Extreme 6

Memory - Crucial 1600 Sport XT

GPU - Gigabyte GTX 760 OC 4gb

PSU - Corsair AX750

Chassis - Corsair Carbide Air 540

Storage - Kingston 120gb v300 SSD - Seagate 1TB 7200rpm HDD

Keyboard - Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth 2014

Mouse - Logitech G700s

Monitor - Element 40" 1080p LED TV

my next upgrade would be a better gpu and better monitor i think

Better monitor; TVs are kind of crappy for gaming due to slow ms response times and their usual limit of 30hz.

Monitor Yes. Get a good one with less than 30ms response time. Most TV's are in the 200 to 250ms range. I would disagree on the GPU. GPU's are not updating on the 18 mouth cycle they once where do to difficulty in reducing die size. I would say you would be fine for awhile. 

  Also if you feel more power is needed I would just SLI another 760. Two 760's scale better in performance most of the time than a single 780. And this would be for AAA games. With most indies I would say a 760 would be good for awhile.

  Now I may get hate for this. But I think time will prove me right. You may need a 8 threaded processor for AAA games in the future like a i7. Now the wired thing is not because you need the power. A quad core Intel or even AMD have plenty. It has more to do with those damn consoles and my experience in the way AAA developers think. They will make games for consoles first and port to the PC. Unfortunately what this means is because the consoles have 8 threads to work with the devs may not spend the money to scale the workload down on 4 more powerful threads on PC.

I hope I'm wrong but history tends to repeat its self. All I can say is I know of one game where 4 or 2 thread workloads is only a second hand thought and not being optimized because the publisher at this time does not want to pay for the payroll (hence time) needed for it to get done.

I hope this insight helps.

Wait for ssd prices to tumble and grab a nice 500gb+ drive. You build is more than fine imho in the meantime.

Thanks for the input I think monitor will be the next on the agenda. Though this TV I am not sure on responce time but its definately giving me 60 Hz. After you guys mentioned monitor though I became really dissatisfied with the color and sharpness(contrast) of this thing.

I am 90% sure that if you have a TV, it's not going to be doing 60hz.  Most do 30hz.

When you pick a monitor, I would suggest getting an IPS display due to the better color and viewing angles.  The pixel response time is higher than TN, but should be way under what your TV has.