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Where to buy that Tux penguin?


I’ve been asking this question for now three years and ( that I can recall at this time), no one has been able to nor stepped up to the plate to try answering. There has been , often enough, this Linux Tux stuff/plush toy penguin in the Level1Techs episodes and I’ve asked in youtube comments section as well as on here before about where can I buy this.

Can someone please hook me up with a link? Please!?? I want to support this channel…this company. Wendell, Ryan, and Krista are awesome. Cheers.



You mean this little guy?

I don’t know. It’s not at the L1 store, so I don’t think they sell it. It kinda looks hand made. There is the free-penguin project which provides info on how to sew your own tux… I wonder if that’s it. Don’t know for sure tho.

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This lead my mind down a dark, dark path as I imagined what the mascot of Linux might have been if Linus had been Japanese. It wouldn’t stop at just one mascot, and they’d have outfits, and people cosplaying them…

Good thing Tux-chan isn’t a thing…
(it probably is)



Man, I’m not trying to sew anything. I just want buy that cute squooshable penguin.

Found this just now 9:41 pm central time Unsure how legit it is. hmmm Anyone else’s thoughts are welcome with regard to yeah or neah.



A quick search brought up a Reddit thread that had a couple European offerings, and one with a bigger 12" Tux:

Jill from LinuxGameCast (LWDW) has more Tux dolls than probably anyone on the planet. You could drop them a message. I believe she gets most of them from going to Linux related events.

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