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Where to buy Ryzen 3700x?


So I know the 3700x isn’t out until 7/7. And I’m sure it will be in limited supply. I’m excited to start my build. What are the best chance retailers to get a 3700x? I have a Frys local to me but I’m guessing they will have a very limited supply. No Microcenters around here.

Where should I be looking?




I don’t think supply will be an issue. Frys will have them I bet.



I was hoping to keep an eye on newegg or amazon… but odds are amazon wont have it for a long time after newegg does.

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The 1700X wasn’t and neither was the 2700X.

This isn’t Intel.



AMD had this down pretty good. I can’t remember ever seeing one unavailable.
Mainboards were a problem.

This time though, Asus alone launches like 30 SKUs, ASRock has a special (the white one with waterblocks) in the pipe.
Only thing that might cause headaches is AGESA stuff or PCIe4

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When I think of amd supply chain issues, I think of the RX 400 series. You have to keep in mind that the 400 series had supply issues due to crypto mining. There is no situation creating a stimulus of unlimited demand for these cpus like the gpus had.

Supply won’t be an issue. A few stores might run out on day one if the reviews are really good but that will be a very temporary situation.

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That was retarded then… Thank god I snagged my GTX 980 Tis when I did

IDK maybe the 3950X will have some “out of stock” issues every now and then I dont forsee it though



Thanks for the info. Then I will be ready after the 7th to get my 3700x.:slight_smile:



That will def be the most limited one because it is using the best dies and most of those are going to Epyc. Shouldn’t be too bad though. Yields on 7nm are apparently very good with these chips.



I think a lot of what makes yields good is the complexity of the solution it seems AMDs design engineers were rather elegantly simple about it this time… Its great news for AMD and decent news for the consumer

And lol a horror story for intel



What a BS launch. AMD hyped this for months and there is no inventory anywhere except resellers on E bay.

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newegg had some… you missed them.

you can sign up to be emailed when they are back in stock…

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Welcome, Moochy! You’re full of shit. :rofl:

Mindfactory in Germany alone had over 500 CPUs. You were just late.

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And they are still in stock and can be ordered there. Plus more are coming in.

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Is there a Microcenter near you or even a Bestbuy might help. Depends on which processor you want? :sunglasses:

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There was plenty of inventory. The issue is that it was simply that good of a chip design. Everybody and their grandmother wants one, so you’ll have to watch for it. I don’t think they anticipated the sales being quite this good. (or they did and just couldn’t meet the volume?)

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My microcenter had about 100 of the 3700X and slightly less than that of the 3900X apparently

I went through there about two hours after opening. All were gone except a few of the 3600 lol



That definitely sounds like they weren’t expecting so much day 1 purchase.

I wonder, did they think we would treat this like Ryzen second Gen? If so, their sales team messed up.



Again, I say, there were very limited numbers available. Newegg, Best Buy and Amazon have none available.



I don’t know about BB and Amazon, but Newegg had some, but they sold out.

That’s just how it works. If you price it cheap enough, and it’s good enough, it’ll sell like hotcakes.

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